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Sign Language Interpreting

ASL Interpreting

A qualified interpreter interprets and facilitates communication between individuals who use Spoken English and American Sign Language, respectively.

Deaf Interpreting

A qualified Deaf interpreter with specific skills is teamed with a sign language interpreter to further facilitate communication. The Deaf interpreter works primarily with individuals who are DeafBlind, Blind, Second Language Users, or have other language needs that only a Deaf interpreter is trained to provide.

Virtual Interpreting Services

Similar to ASL Interpreting, but conducted virtually. The interpreter connects with all individuals via the preferred virtual meeting platform.

512 Terps Services

Communication Access Real-Time Translation


One-On-One CART

Qualified writers transcribe audio information onto a personal screen to be read in real-time text. The writer and consumer sit in close proximity.

Overhead CART

Similar to one-on-one, except the captions are portrayed on a big screen in front of the room and the writer sits separately from the consumers.

Remote CART

Also similar to one-on-one except conducted virtually.

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